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Everything You Need To Know About Industry 4.0

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What is industry 4.0? We all know about the internet of things, but when it comes to the industrial facts, we can call industry 4.0 as the industrial internet of things. In the industrial revolution industry, 4.0 refer to a new phase.

There are many things that we have to focus on when work is all around the industrial sector, like connectivity, real-time data, automation, and machine learning. Industry 4.0 all focus on creating a more holistic and better-connected ecosystem for companies.

When we say the industrial internet of things, then manufacturing becomes smart manufacturing, operation with intelligent digital technology so, here in the industrial sector, everything has gone smart to focus on manufacturing supply chain management. That not only affects the business but the overall development of society.

From industry 1.0 to 4.0
It’s not just investing the new technology and tools for better manufacturing, but this is revolutionising the whole process and way how you want your business to grow. Peeping into the past, we can easily understand that industrial revolutions started between the late1700s and early 1800s.

That was the time when people performed labour. Then came the second revolution where electricity introduced to increase efficiency. That helped the factory machinery more mobile. Coming to the third industrial revolution starting in the late 1950s, here, the computer technology added into their factory.

Here the time came when the work shifted from analogue and mechanical technology towards digital technology. Now the time is of industry 4.0, emphasis on digital technology, adding the internet of things where all the process of the business changed and gave better control over the market.

When it comes to controlling every aspect of the process in the industry and where it is essential to have interconnectivity, accessing real-time data, and increasing the manufacturing efficiency, then industry 4.0 comes first. It connects physical with digital, making better collaboration and access across the departments, products, people, and vendors. Industry 4.0 is the growth-driven technology that is lifting the industrial sector to the next level.

Here are few of the concepts that are included in the industry 4.0:
• Artificial Intelligence- This is the ability to perform tasks like humans by machines, all controlled by the computer. It requires some level of human intelligence, and this is the level where industry 4.0 is going.
• Machine- To -Machine Connectivity- Referring to the machine to machine connectivity with the wireless network, which helps in productivity and the better automation tasks in the industries.
• Digitalisation- Industry4.0 is making the industry sector more advanced where the data and information can be changed into digital format, making it more secured.
• Real-Time Data processing- through computer technology and machines continuous and automatic process data and provides real-time data outputs and insights.

Industry 4.0 is the new phase of the industry, giving it the technology that manages and optimises all aspects of the manufacturing process and supply chain. Industry 4.0 beneficial for industrial growth and is result-oriented.

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