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European Commission Withholds Billions in Aid for Poland and Hungary

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Poland has been waiting since May to approve its application for money from the corona recovery fund, worth billions of euros.


The European Commission holds the amounts under consideration after the Polish government decided to investigate whether Polish law could take precedence over European law. Hungary also has to wait for money due to concerns about the independent judiciary in the country.

Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis did not want to throw fuel on the fire but now admits that the disagreement about the rule of law has consequences for the payment of the Polish recovery money.

“Indeed, we are also looking at the issue of European law and the possible consequences for the Polish recovery plan,” the commissioner said on Monday. “There is constant contact, and Warsaw is well aware of what the country needs to do,” it said.

Hungary’s application has also not yet been approved. “That also has to do with concerns about, among other things, the independence of judges,” suggested Dombrovskis. The Commission is looking at grant payments in the context of Hungary’s rule of law challenges,” he said.

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