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Environmental Groups Block British Oil Terminals

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Several environmental groups have blocked BP, ExxonMobil and Esso oil terminals in the UK. In doing so, they protested against the policy of the British government, which indicated that it wanted to extract more fossil fuels.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously said he wants to encourage drilling in the North Sea to increase domestic oil and natural gas production. This is because the United Kingdom wants to become less dependent on foreign countries for its energy supply. Especially after the shock wave in the energy market after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Action group Extinction Rebellion is campaigning at three oil facilities. The group refers to previous statements by the International Energy Agency that it has said no new investments in oil, gas and coal should be made to tackle the climate crisis.

ExxonMobil’s UK arm said it has temporarily suspended operations at its fuel terminals in Hythe, Birmingham, Purfleet and west London, where the protests occurred. Extinction Rebellion protesters used, among other things, boats for the blockades. A spokesman said the protests would continue if the group had the resources.

Actions were also taken at other installations. Members of a wider coalition of protesters known as Just Stop Oil took to the road earlier to prevent trucks from departing. Others climbed atop oil tankers, including more than 30 youths at the Navigator Oil Terminal in Thurrock. Essex police said they had arrested six people in Thurrock.

The UK may publish its energy security strategy as early as next week. It is expected to focus on homegrown energy sources such as offshore wind, solar and nuclear.

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