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Envious of Kate and William? Expert Reveals Spicy Details

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The argument between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William goes deep, but how did it come about? An expert is now also taking responsibility for the royal family.


The British royal family has been making headlines for months with internal quarrels – and the rifts seem to be getting deeper. Prince Harry (36) and Duchess Meghan (39, nee Meghan Markle) have since left the United Kingdom and willingly interviewed US television. However, between the brothers’ Prince Harry and Prince William (39), a conciliatory conversation hardly seems possible at the moment.

But how did it come to this? Ask many experts and observers in horror. There are many answers, and their spectrum is enormous. They range from the supposed intrigues of Williams to destructive plans by Duchess Meghan, who leaves her husband no choice. As is so often the case, the truth could be somewhere in between.

The royal family expert Camilla Tominey (43) delivers in the ITV documentary “Harry and William: What Went Wrong?” (in German: “Harry and William: What went wrong”) now an own interpretation of things. Envy and resentment play a central role in this.

For Tominey, the unequal treatment between the Sussexes and the Cambridges – between Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan on the one hand and Prince William and Duchess Kate (39, née Kate Middleton) on the other – is a central part of today’s rift.

Harry and his wife would just have felt they were mistreated and lost hope of recovery. For example, they were denied their own press office by the palace, and they were not allowed to manage their finances alone. That was true even when they ran their own household at Frogmore Cottage.

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