Sunday, April 14

EMA: Vaccine AstraZeneca Does Not cause problems in Austria

That vaccine did not cause problems in Austria in individuals after receiving AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine.


This is the conclusion of the European regulator for vaccines and medicines, the European Medicines Agency in Amsterdam (EMA). Austria stopped the vaccinations with the batch of vaccines, which were also supplied to the Netherlands.

A 49-year-old woman in Austria died of severe blood clotting. Ten days earlier, she had received the corona vaccine from AstraZeneca. A 35-year-old woman developed a pulmonary embolism from which she is now recovering. There were two more similar incidents.

According to the EMA, this is not exceptional, and it corresponds to the number of incidents among the general population. In Europe, 3 million people have been vaccinated with AstraZeneca, 22 have had thrombosis or embolism.

The AstraZeneca batch consists of 1 million doses. They have been delivered to seventeen countries in the European Union. In addition to Austria, these include France, Greece, Poland, Spain and Sweden. Luxembourg, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, like Austria, have temporarily stopped the vaccinations with the vaccines from that batch.

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