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Elon Musk Says That He Can Not Change The Way He Leads

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Elon Musk Says that he can not Change the Way he Leads. Managing Tesla in a new approach is not an option for topman Elon Musk, he stated in a tweet on Sunday.


The boss of the maker of electric cars said Friday in an emotional interview that he was reasonably through it.

The tweet concerns an answer to driver Arianna Huffington from tech company Uber.

She recommended Musk via Twitter to adjust his working ways and also to think more about his health.

The top of Tesla is also reportedly worried about Musk’s alleged hypnotic use.

Those means would not always calm him to sleep but instead push his infamous and often nightly outbursts on Twitter.

Tesla would also be looking for a second for Musk to support him.

Musk caused a stir for a while by stating on Twitter that he wanted to get Tesla off the fair.

The American stock market watchdog SEC is already working on a confirmed investigation into the messages,

 in which Musk claimed, among other things, that the financing had already been completed.

If that turns out not to be real, he may have been guilty of fraud and price manipulation.

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