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ECDC: More Than 10,000 Omicrom Cases Identified Worldwide

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The number of confirmed infections with the Omicron variant of the coronavirus has risen worldwide to more than 10,000.


The virus variant has been found in 10,150 people, reports the European health service ECDC. That is 1,324 more than on Tuesday.

In the European Union and the European Economic Area, 2629 cases are known, about 500 more than before. Norway tops that list with nearly 1,500 confirmed Omicron infections, followed by Denmark (310), France (170), Germany (102) and Belgium (90).

The numbers are rising fast. For the Netherlands, ECDC reports 80 cases, but RIVM reported on Tuesday that the virus version was found in 123 people.

The first people to experience the variant had been in southern Africa. According to the ECDC, more and more people in Europe have become infected.

The British government has identified one death caused by the Omicron variant. However, no deaths have yet been reported in other countries.

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