Sunday, April 14

Donald Trump Backs Viktor Orban in Hungarian Election Campaign

Former US President Donald Trump has emailed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in the run-up to the election this spring.


“He is a strong leader and is respected by everyone,” Trump wrote in a statement sent Monday. “He has my full support and approval for his reelection as Prime Minister.”

It’s a favour for Trump. Orbán supported Trump during both the successful 2016 election and the failed 2020 bid to remain in the White House.

The Hungarian prime minister will face a united opposition for the first time in the elections expected to be held in April. As a result, his reelection for a fourth term as prime minister since 2010 will be a challenge.

Orbán was the only head of government in the European Union not invited by US President Joe Biden to a virtual summit on the state of democracy in the world last month. However, other EU countries increasingly criticize the Hungarian prime minister for his autocratic policy and the violation of the rule of law.

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