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District Court Decides Whether Trump Should Release Tax Information

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At the request of a prosecutor, a district court in New York will decide whether the US president should release tax information. If yes, this information can also be used in other criminal cases.


In New York, a prosecutor, Cyrus Vance, Jr., wants to investigate whether US President Donald Trump and his environment have committed “extensive and protracted criminal conduct with the Trump Organization.”

Vance, a Democrat, wants to consult eight years of Trump’s personal and corporate tax records. He argues that “a fixed pattern” of criminal activities can be found within the Trump Organization.

The statement is supported by several newspaper articles, including one by the American newspaper The Washington Post. That article states that Trump has scammed potential business partners and banks by making projects more beautiful than they actually were.

It also refers to another article in which Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, does not exclude that the President committed tax fraud.

Last month, the Supreme Court ruled that Trump does not enjoy immunity from his position as President.

“The president is neither absolutely inviolable for criminal subpoenas from the state requesting his private papers, nor is he entitled to increased protection,” said conservative chief justice John Roberts in the judgment.

As a result of that decision, a district court can now determine whether Trump should release his tax records or not.

If it judges yes, then that information may also be used in any other criminal case. Trump argues that it is yet another attempt by the Democrats to blacken him.

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