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Deutsche Bank Provides Data on Trump Loans

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Deutsche Bank has provided data to the New York Justice Department on loans to companies from the then businessman Donald Trump.


The bank thus responds to the demands of prosecutors in New York who target the family business The Trump Organization, The New York Times reported.

According to the newspaper, the Frankfurt bank has lent Trump more than $ 2 billion in two decades.

Manhattan prosecutor Cyrus Vance, a Democrat, is leading the investigation. He believes Trump has committed tax fraud with his businesses and wants to review tax returns from Trump and his businesses over an eight-year period.

However, it is not clear what Vance is basing his suspicions on, and his research is the subject of the legal battle in New York. Vance is the son of the former Democratic Secretary of State of the same name who passed away in 2002.

The Trump Organization is now a conglomerate of approximately five hundred companies. It was founded by the current president’s parents in 1923 and is owned by Trump. He has stopped running the organization since being elected president in 2016. His children do that now.

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