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Despite A Fever and Severe Cough, Navalny Continues on Hunger Strike

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On Easter Monday, Alexej Navalny spoke up again from the prison camp: Although he had been diagnosed with a temperature of 38.1 degrees Celsius and a “strong cough”, he would continue the hunger strike that began just under a week ago.


The Kremlin opponent, Alexei Navalny, who is detained in the penal camp, complains that his health has deteriorated further.

He was attested to have a fever of 38.1 degrees and a “strong cough” – he will continue the hunger strike he started a few days ago, wrote Navalny on Instagram on Monday. Three of his fellow prisoners had already been taken to hospital for tuberculosis.

The opposition politician, who is imprisoned in a penal camp around 100 kilometres east of Moscow, has been reporting for a long time about severe back pain and paralysis symptoms in one leg.

Last Wednesday, Navalny said he had gone on a hunger strike to protest the lack of medical care.

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