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Democrats: Trump Should Get Out of the White House If He Loses

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US President Trump simply has to leave the White House if he loses the November election. That is the ordinary course of events, emphasizes the top woman of the rival Democrats, Nancy Pelosi.


It is not a matter of “smoking out” a person from the White House because he does not want to leave; she tells American channel MSNBC, “There is a procedure.”

Pelosi responds to statements by the Republican President against news channel Fox News, in which Trump leaves open whether he accepts a defeat.

He says he is not a good loser and may not handle it well if he loses. He hopes to be reelected by the end of this year.

Trump seems to justify his stance by pointing to Democrats’ proposal to hold the elections by mail in connection with the corona pandemic. The President fears that the results will be fiddled with.

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