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Democrat Takes Trump to Court for Storming Parliament

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An American politician who was involved as a prosecutor in the failed impeachment trial against Donald Trump is now taking the former president to court.


Representative Eric Swalwell holds Trump and others responsible for the fallout from the storming of the Washington Capitol building on Jan. 6, US media reports.

The Democrat is also indicting Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., attorney Rudy Giuliani and Republican Mo Brooks. According to Swalwell, Trump supporters have been incited with lies about electoral fraud. According to him, this led to the Capitol’s violent storming when the election results were approved there.

After those riots, Democrats already tried to prosecute Trump through parliament, but that came to nothing. There was not enough support in the Senate to condemn Trump. He has since hinted that he may be running again in the presidential election in 2024.

Although Trump went unpunished in the Senate, the former president’s legal troubles are not over yet. Democrat Bennie Thompson also filed a lawsuit against him earlier because of his part in the storm. Now to that comes Swalwell’s case. According to news site Axios, he is demanding, among other things, unspecified compensation.

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