Sunday, April 14

Death Toll from Coronavirus Increased Less Strongly in New York

The death toll from the new coronavirus in New York State has increased less in the past 24 hours than the day before.


That was announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo during his daily press conference. 306 people with Covid-19 died, compared to 330 a day earlier.

In the state, the number of people hospitalized due to the lung virus has fallen below 12,000. The number of newly registered infections was also lower at 4681 than in recent days.

“An optimist would say all declining numbers are good news, a realist sees hundreds of people lost loved ones in recent days,” Cuomo said.

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York, together with Johns Hopkins University, is going to set up a program to find and inform contacts of people infected with the virus.

“It’s about thousands of people every day, which is a big undertaking,” said Cuomo.

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