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Deadliest Floods in Years in South Africa Kill More Than 300 People

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In South Africa, the death toll due to ongoing rainfall and flooding has risen to more than 306. Although the heavy rainfall has ravaged the eastern province of KwaZulu-Natal for days, mudslides have also wreaked havoc in the port region.


“Houses have collapsed, people have been electrocuted and died as a result,” says correspondent Elles van Gelder from South Africa in “The morning”.

The local authorities are asking for a state of emergency to be declared. The tragedy in the eastern coastal province of KwaZulu-Natal is “one of the darkest moments in our province’s history,” they wrote on Twitter. For example, more rain fell in one day in some areas than falls typically in months.

The damage is enormous. The city of Durban was particularly hard hit. In addition to the many lives claimed by the storm, houses were covered in mud and roads and bridges were swept away by the water. There is also a lot of damage in the port of Dubran. Some roads to the harbour are impassable, and hundreds of huge sea containers were swept into the water.

Rescuers and rescue workers are working around the clock to get people to safety. Unfortunately, many people are still trapped and have to be evacuated. A helicopter also tries to bring people to safety from the air.

“Fortunately, today it is dry; I hope the water will recede a bit”, correspondent Elles van Gelder says in “The morning”. She arrived in Durban last night.

“It’s a huge shock here in South Africa”. Van Gelder talks about how people were surprised by the storm. “People in their cars were swept up by the mudslides and died as a result. Houses collapsed, and people were electrocuted and died as a result. South Africa is used to having a lot of rain this season, but not a major disaster on this scale.”

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