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Corona Pandemic Ravages Aid to Mothers and Children With HIV

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The corona pandemic has resulted in the suspension of care for mothers and children living with HIV in many countries. Due to the lack of life-saving aid, more young children are expected to die.


The United Nations International AIDS Summit begins tomorrow. For the fifth time in forty years, world leaders are meeting (virtually) to agree on new targets for the fight against AIDS. One of the essential themes is finding and treating children with HIV.

Mark Vermeulen (41), director of Aidsfonds, hopes for a small breakthrough. His organization has lobbied hard for concrete commitments from UN member states. So no woolly words about how important it is to help children and adults, but clear agreements about objectives, interim reporting and, above all, financing.

It will undoubtedly be much needed now, as care for mothers and children in many countries has come to a virtual standstill as a result of the corona pandemic.

For many countries in Africa and Asia, this means, in concrete terms: suspended research, suspended consultations, suspended prenatal care, suspended training of health workers and sometimes even no more medication. With all the consequences that entail for hundreds of thousands of children.

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