Sunday, April 14

Contraceptive Pill-American Pharma Company Returns Boxes

Contraceptive Pill-American Pharma Company Returns Boxes. Pharma company Allergan has recalled part of its contraceptive pills in the United States. According to the company, there was a packaging error that put placebos in the place of hormonal pills. Users, therefore, have a chance to become pregnant unintentionally, reports The English News.


It is the brand Taytulla, with four placebo pills (pills without active ingredients) per box. Those pills are in the wrong place, so women are not protected during the first four days of their cycle, it sounds at Allergan.

According to American media, it is one lot of almost 170,000 packaging that is being recalled. The boxes were also distributed to general practitioners across the country since August last year. One of them made an alarm, and Allergan now launches the voluntary recall.

The placebo has a different colour, but the company admits that new or inattentive users may not notice the difference. “If patients are anxious about the possibility of unwanted pregnancy, they should contact their doctor,” the company says.

Allergan started an investigation into what exactly went wrong at the packaging department. For the time being, the company does not know patients who have become unwanted pregnant, but social media are already taking the lead with the recall.

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