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Chinese National People Congress Coincides With International Corona Criticism

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The Chinese parliament, the National People’s Congress (NPC), will meet from Friday due to the coronavirus later than planned.


It takes about two weeks each year but will be shortened this year. It is not yet known how many MEPs are present in person.

Naturally, there are approximately 3000. The preparations for the conference were made via video connections.

The NPC mainly endorses previous decisions by state institutions. This year’s congress is coinciding with international criticism of President Xi Jinping for tackling the coronavirus and growing conflicts with the US.

And China’s economy, the second-largest in the world, was struggling before the virus outbreak, heading for the lowest growth rate in 30 years by 2020.

The Communist Party of China often uses congress to announce what the government is planning to do and whether top figures will be replaced or if they will be given more tasks.

Also, economic objectives and defence expenditure are disclosed.

But one of the main messages from the congress initially planned at the beginning of March, observers say, will be that China has overcome the virus and will be back to normal in the People’s Republic.

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