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Chinese Manufacturer Delivers New Cars Keys Using Drones

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The Chinese car manufacturer Geely, the parent company of Volvo, delivers the keys of newly delivered cars by drone to customers in the context of social distancing.


The Chinese carmaker goes to great lengths to protect its customers and personnel during the corona pandemic.

Several steps make sense, such as disinfecting new cars, but the use of drones has been unique so far.

Geely, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in China, offers its customers the opportunity to deliver new cars to a buyer’s home or workplace.

Then the keys to the car can be flown to someone’s door or balcony with a drone. There the new owner can receive a bag with the car key in it, without human contact.

According to Geely, it sold 10,000 cars online in February, rather than through a dealer.

The company transfers the online orders to local dealers, who then prepare the car for home delivery, with or without the intervention of a drone.

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