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China Furious After Pompeo Genocide Accusation

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China has reacted furiously to the US accusation that it committed genocide against the Uyghur Muslim minority.


“Shameful lies” and “poison”, the Chinese authorities responded to the accusation by the dismissal US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (Foreign Affairs).

Pompeo said rulers in China are committing crimes against humanity and genocide in the western region of Xinjiang. “We see a systematic attempt by the Chinese party-state to destroy the Uyghurs,” the minister said. He received support from his intended successor Antony Blinken.

A spokeswoman for China’s Foreign Ministry said her country has never been guilty of genocide. “It never happened in the past, and it doesn’t happen now, and never will happen in China.” She described Pompeo as a notorious liar and clown.

China has been under fire for some time because, according to experts, Uyghurs are being held in camps on a large scale. China describes these as training centres intended to reduce the appeal of Islamic extremism.

The US and China have been at odds over all kinds of issues for years. Washington accuses the Communist People’s Republic of tinkering with Hong Kong’s autonomy and not being transparent about the outbreak of the corona crisis. President Donald Trump also started a trade war against China.

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