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Chancellor Angela Merkel: It’s About a Comprehensive Transformation of Our Life

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Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) takes part in the world climate conference in Glasgow. How can accelerated global warming be contained to a tolerable level?

At the climate conference in Glasgow, the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel announced how Germany wants to do its part to protect the world’s climate. This includes ambitious goals.

In addition to France’s head of state Emmanuel Macron and US President Joe Biden, the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel also gave a speech at the climate summit in Glasgow on Monday. Merkel calls for action at her likely final conference. “We must, and we can implement the Paris Agreement.” This should happen in the middle of the 21st century.

She mainly refers to the responsibility of the industrialized countries. Germany has therefore tightened its own climate targets: 65 percent of emissions are to be cut by 2030, and the country is to be climate-neutral by 2045. But financing is also essential for the credibility of the industrialized countries. So Germany’s contribution is to be increased to 6 billion by 2025.

Climate neutrality is achieved primarily through specific measures. For example, Merkel lists protection against forest loss. In addition, it is important to stop the international financing of coal-fired power plants.

Merkel says: “We will not make progress with government activities alone, rather it is about a comprehensive transformation of our life, work and economy.” She, therefore, advocates pricing CO2 emissions. Nationally, more ambitions are needed; globally, instruments “that are economically sensible” have to be found.

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