Sunday, April 14

Buckingham Palace Gives An Update on Prince Philip Health

Great worries in the United Kingdom: On Tuesday (February 16), Prince Philip (99) was rushed to King Edward Hospital. As the palace announced, the stay in the hospital as a precautionary measure.


The Queen’s husband (94) should rest and recover for a few days. But the few days in the hospital quickly turned into a whole week.

The concern for the prince consort grew.

It was not until Monday (February 22) that his grandson Prince William (38) made a statement and announced that Prince Philip was “okay”. Now followed a statement from Buckingham Palace about the 99-year-old’s health.

So we finally find out the reason for Prince Philips’ continued stay in the hospital: “The Duke of Edinburgh is staying at King Edward Hospital, where he is receiving medical attention for an infection. He is fine and responding to treatment, but I will do not expect him to leave the hospital in the next few days. ” Accordingly, Prince Philip will remain under medical observation for the time being.

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