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British Soldiers Quarantined Together After Mission in Kabul

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Dozens of British soldiers are quarantined together in Colchester after the evacuation mission in Afghanistan. According to an insider, it is a pilot project of the armed forces. They allow soldiers to recover together after a challenging and dangerous mission.


“Militaries can support each other within a group. They are then not alone in a hotel room,” the source within Defense told Sky News. The army hopes that the new approach will be beneficial for the well-being of the military.

The paratroopers have been involved in evacuating people from Afghanistan in recent weeks, where the Islamist extremists of the Taliban have seized power. Some soldiers who took part in the mission now spend their quarantine period on camp beds in a large sports hall.

Afghanistan is considered a corona risk area by the British government. The military is treated more leniently than other travellers from a country that is on the ‘red list’. There is a quarantine period of ten days, but if they test negative twice, they can, in principle, spend the last five days at home.

Not everyone is enthusiastic about the way in which the pilot project is being carried out. An anonymous army officer told Sky News that staying in the sports hall sounds very spartan for soldiers on a challenging and risky mission.

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