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British Secret Services: Russia Wanted to Mess Up the Olympic Games in Tokyo

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Hackers in the service of the Russian army are said to have tried to thwart the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.


They tried to confuse the preparations for companies, spectators and athletes, conclude the British and American secret services.

The Olympic Games were usually supposed to take place in Japan last summer, but they have been adjourned for a year due to the coronavirus.

However, the preparations of the hackers of the Russian military secret service were already underway. Russian athletes were already excluded from participation in the Games in 2019 due to a national doping scandal.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab calls the hacking attempt “cynical and reckless”. We condemn this in the strictest possible way. “

Russian hackers had previously targeted the 2018 Winter Games and the Paralympic Games. Then they messed up ticket distribution and the Wi-Fi signal in the stadiums and tried to disable the computers of the organization and sponsors.

According to the British-American investigation, the Russians then attempted to “disguise” themselves as North Korean and Chinese hackers.

Two hackers are being charged in the US, the British government reports. It would be spies with the code names “Sandworm” and “Voodoobear”.

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