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British Prime Minister Johnson Still Wants to Have 24 / 7 Vaccinated

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is still open to a proposal to vaccinate people against the coronavirus around the clock. “We will go to 24/7 as soon as possible,” he assured parliament.


Opposition party Labor recently proposed also vaccinating people at night. Johnson initially didn’t listen to that. He stated that there would be little enthusiasm for this. However, his government is under tremendous pressure to vaccinate people more quickly.

According to British media, Johnson would now have given the green light for a pilot project that would also be done at night.

The British authorities started vaccinating last month. They have vaccinated about 2.4 million people against the coronavirus so far. It is planned that mid-February will vaccinate around 14 million people.

The United Kingdom is one of the countries most affected by the pandemic. The official death toll has now passed 80,000. Some hospitals no longer have space in their morgues.

The authorities must, therefore, diligently look for other locations where bodies can be stored.

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