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British Divorce Minister Johnson: Not Too Late To Save Brexit

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British divorce Minister Johnson: Not too late to Save Brexit. British Secretary of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson has said Wednesday during his farewell speech, that it is not too late to “save” the Brexit. “We still have enough time.”


During his last speech, Johnson was simultaneously critical of British Prime Minister Theresa May, who he blamed “hesitating”.

May has been firmly under fire for over a week, both inside and outside her party. The criticism arises from the plans that she unveiled last week, which appear to focus on a so-called ‘soft’ Brexit mainly.

Specific groups of people can continue to travel freely to the United Kingdom (UK), and a customs agreement will be ended in which the UK will collect both British and European tariffs.

Johnson called the future outlined by May in his speech “miserable”.

May’s plan was the reason for Johnson’s resignation. In his letter of resignation, he wrote earlier that “Brexit’s dream is dying”, and the United Kingdom will reduce to a colony of the European Union.

The British government barely won a vote on an amendment on Wednesday evening stating that the UK would remain in the customs union if no settlement were reached with the EU before 29 March 2019.

On that date, the British will officially leave the EU.

The government won with a few votes, and will not remain in the customs union if no agreement is reached.

The British prime minister responded coolly on Thursday to the question of whether a ‘no deal’ scenario would come closer.

“I do not think this is the case,” May informed the British Parliament. “We have a proposal about our future, and we are negotiating about that.”

British Prime Minister also convinced that there is still enough time after the Brexit to reach an agreement with the EU on the relations between the EU and the UK.

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