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Bitcoin Soars to A Record of More Than $ 44,000 Due to Tesla’s Investment

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Tesla invests no less than 1.5 billion dollars in cryptocurrency bitcoin. In an annual report to the American stock market watchdog SEC, the electric car manufacturer has said this reports Reuters.


After the news, bitcoin shot sharply higher, to a new record price of more than $ 44,000.

Teslatopman Elon Musk has repeatedly spoken out as a fan of bitcoin. He has already made its price rise several times by talking about the crypto coin on social media.

This was also the case at the end of January when he posted another cryptic message on his Twitter page without further explanation. Musk then changed the caption on his profile to “#bitcoin”. Also, he posted a message stating that it was “inevitable” in retrospect.

Only now does it become clear what he meant by that. After news of Tesla’s investment, the popular crypto coin rose by more than 15 percent to a new record value of $ 44,899 (on the Bitstamp trading platform).

The investment represents a vote of confidence in bitcoin, which is still seen by many as a way to conduct illegal transactions and launder black money. According to the Bloomberg news agency, Tesla is also expected to accept bitcoin as a payment means.

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