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Biden: Chinese President Wrong by Staying Away from Climate Summit

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Chinese President Xi Jinping has made a “big mistake” by staying out of the Glasgow climate summit. Then, according to US President Joe Biden, he had had the opportunity to influence people worldwide.


“It is frankly a big mistake on China’s part not to come,” Biden said at a news conference closing his visit to the climate conference. Biden’s presence has been labelled as extremely important by observers.

The president accused his Chinese counterpart of running away from ambitions to be a leader in the world. “China, understandably, is trying to assert a new role in the world as a world leader. But then don’t show up? Come on,” Biden said. According to him, this also applies to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was also absent. “It’s a huge theme, and they’re turning their backs on it.”

The Chinese president has not left his country, which is considered the largest environmental polluter globally, since the start of the corona pandemic. US officials had previously expected Xi to meet Biden as president for the first time last weekend in Rome at the largest economies (G20) summit.

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