Sunday, April 14

Biden Celebrates 300 Million Shots, But Threatens to Miss Vaccine Target

US President Joe Biden will mark a new milestone in his country’s vaccination campaign on Friday.


The White House said in a statement that 300 million doses of vaccine were administered in 150 days. “America is starting to look like America again and is heading for a summer of fun and freedom.”

The US is one of the world’s leaders in vaccination, which is reflected in the corona figures. The government says that when Biden took office, 3,300 Americans a day died from the virus, but the number of deaths and new infections would be more than 90 percent lower today. According to American media, the president will speak from the White House on Friday about the vaccination campaign.

The White House says 55 percent of adults are fully vaccinated. That means, in most cases, that they have had two shots. Millions of other Americans have already had their first dose but are still waiting for their second vaccination. Despite the optimistic language of the White House, Biden is not on track to meet his vaccination goal, according to US media.

The president wants at least 160 million Americans to be fully vaccinated by July 4, National Day. At least 70 percent of adults must have had at least one shot. That is now 65 percent. News channel CNBC calculated on Thursday that an average of 756,000 people a day must receive the first shot to achieve that target. That number was an average of 336,000 per day in the previous week.

The authorities come up with all kinds of things to convince vaccine doubters. Biden has already declared June a “month of action” in which all social and religious organizations are mobilized to persuade people to get vaccinated. People are encouraged to get vaccinated with raffles and free drinks at a local level, among other things.

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