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Bezos Takes 82-Year-Old Woman into Space

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Jeff Bezos takes an 82-year-old woman on the first human-crewed flight of his space company Blue Origin. Wally Funk becomes the oldest person ever to go into space. Blue Origin announced this on Thursday.


The Blue Origin rocket New Shepard will be launched on July 20 in Texas to an altitude of more than 100 kilometres. The occupants are weightless there for a few minutes. Then the craft sinks back into the atmosphere to land again on Earth.

Bezos’ brother Mark also goes along, as does the auction winner that secured a spot in the rocket for $ 28 million.

Wally Funk already had plans to go into space in the 1960s. She participated in the Woman in the Space program, which prepared women for careers as astronauts. She was part of the “Mercury 13,” thirteen American women who successfully underwent the same NASA screening as astronauts selected by the space agency, but none of these women ever went into space.

Funk later became the first female inspector at the U.S. Aviation Authority FAA.

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