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Arab Countries are Boycotting French Products After Macron’s Islam Measures

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Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar have completely boycotted French products. The three Arab countries do not agree with French President Emmanuel Macron’s new Islam policy.


After the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty by a Muslim extremist, Macron took strict measures.

Last week it was just a call on social media: #BoycottFrenchProducts. Numerous companies in Arab countries and Turkey are now responding to this and are removing French products such as L’Oreal, Tefal and La Vache Qui Rit from the shelves.

In Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar, the reaction is currently strongest: there the governments have declared a total ban on French products.

“The French must respect our religion,” the director of a mall in Jordan told Reuters. “They express themselves with cartoons, and we express ourselves economically. We will see who is the strongest”.

The boycott is a response to statements and new policies by French President Macron. Last week, he announced a stricter approach to radical Muslims in his country.

This after an 18-year-old Muslim extremist had cut the throat of Samuel Paty, a social studies teacher who had shown cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in class.

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