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Apple is Postponing Advertising Privacy Change

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iPhone maker Apple is postponing a privacy change that could have resulted in significantly lower revenues for advertisers.


The tech giant has announced this. Apple says it wants to give developers more time to comply with the obligation.

In the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, which goes by the name of iOS 14, apps with ads in it must ask for permission to capture user data. These so-called trackers risk becoming useless as a result.

The change was announced by Apple in June and should take effect this month with the release of iOS 14. Apple has now said that date will be “early next year”.

Companies involved in digital advertising, including Facebook, have already warned that the change could have significant consequences for their sales.

They expect Apple users to say no by default, despite being given the option to explain why they want to collect certain information.

For several years now, Apple has stated that the privacy of its users is paramount.

With each version of iOS, users of Apple devices, therefore, have more options to decide for themselves how much access to the information they give apps.

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