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Antiviral Drug Trump Received Also Decreases Mortality After Hospitalization

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A new drug cuts the number of deaths among hospitalized Covid patients by a fifth, research shows. The drug is based on antibodies made in the lab.


It is the first drug that attacks the coronavirus itself and not the inflammations, which only manifest themselves at a later stage. The drug was developed by the American pharmaceutical company Regeneron and worked for patients who do not produce antibodies after infection.

Then-US President Donald Trump was given the drug last year. At that time, it was only used to treat infected persons from a risk group at an early stage. Now it was also being tested on people who ended up in the hospital and had not produced any antibodies. This turned out to be the case in one in three hospitalized patients.

They received an injection of the combination of two ‘monoclonal’ antibodies. They attach themselves to the coronavirus spike protein so that it cannot penetrate into cells. In the study, the number of deaths among them dropped from 30 to 24 percent.

The drug is currently only approved in the US and is expensive. There is a cheaper alternative in which antibodies are extracted from the plasma of infected persons.

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