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Another Mass Grave Discovered in Mariupol: Citizens Had to Dig in Exchange for Food and Water

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A third mass grave has been found in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol since the war in Ukraine began. Mayor Vadim Bolchenko said.


In recent days, two mass graves have already been discovered in the villages of Mangush and Vinohradne in Mariupol. That heavily besieged port city is almost entirely in the hands of the Russian military, and observers suspect Russian troops are burying in those mass graves Ukrainian civilians who died while besieging the city to hide possible war crimes.

Now a third mass grave has been discovered on satellite images. Mayor Vadim Bolchenko said on Tuesday. She would be in the village of Starii Krim, according to the account of the city council on Telegram. The images showed graves excavated on March 24 in an old cemetery.

According to the city council, the mass grave would be 60 to 70 meters long and would have been created after the occupation by the Russians. On April 7, when new images were made, some of the graves appeared to have been thrown. “And we identified new graves on April 24. The length of the mass grave is now more than 200 meters.”

Bolchenko accused Russian soldiers of enlisting locals to dig in exchange for water and food. “They told us they had to work hours for some food and water. Mariupol has no humanitarian aid, so those people had no other choice.”

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