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Amazon Employees In Germany, Poland And Spain Struck Tuesday

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Amazon Employees in Germany, Poland and Spain struck Tuesday. Thousands of employees of Amazon in Germany, Spain and Poland will stop Tuesday. The employees want higher wages and better health conditions in the distribution centres.


In Germany, there is a one-day strike. In Spain, the employees will be stopped for three days, and in Poland, a punctuality performance will be organised.

Six of the nine distribution centres in Germany are participating in the campaign.

“The message is clear,” says Stefanie Nutzenberger from trade union Verdi.

“As the company becomes rich, they save money on the health of the employees.”

Amazon response
The strikes coincide with Amazon Prime Day, an action day where many products are on offer.

According to Amazon, only a small ratio of the 12,000 employees in the German distribution centres will not show up. As a result, the shipments of Prime Day will not be affected.

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