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Aerospace Company Jeff Bezos Builds Commercial Space Station

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The space company of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is going to build a commercial space station. Blue Origin will collaborate with industry peer Sierra Space for this.


The space station dubbed Orbital Reef should be in orbit and fully operational by the second half of this decade.

According to Blue Origin, anyone can travel to the space station if they pay for it. The company mentions in a press release from researchers, but also from commercial customers. Blue Origin is fully committed to space tourism in order to recoup part of its launches.

Recently, Bezos himself went into space, and Blue Origin made a name for himself by auctioning a spot on that flight that eventually went to 18-year-old Dutchman Oliver Daemen. Blue Origin also took actor William Shatner, known as Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek, into space. The company wants to gain brand awareness and attract more wealthy people who want to go into space.

The construction of the space station is also supported by aircraft and aerospace company Boeing. In addition, the American University of Arizona State University is involved in the project.

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