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A New Horror Disease Strikes ALong With Corona in India

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While India still suffers from a large number of corona infections every day, a new disease strikes. It is officially called mucormycosis, but popularly it is called black mold.


A rare infectious disease that is often fatal, and those who survive have a high risk of severe mutilation. Corona patients are especially affected.

A common fungus causes the infection. They usually are not threatening, but in India, people are getting sick anyway. The spores enter the body through the nose, mouth or eyes. It is a very aggressive fungus that requires quick action. Those who become infected may experience facial numbness, swelling or a nosebleed. Some also experience blurry vision or lose sight altogether.

“Where the fungus goes, the flesh rots,” says Indian ENT specialist Atul Mittal. “How does that work? The blood supply to the area decreases. And when the blood supply decreases, it becomes dead flesh.”

Mittal is familiar with mucormycosis. Although rare, the disease has always existed in India. Worldwide, half of all black mold infections occur in that country. This is probably due to the humid climate, but also to a large number of diabetes patients. Diabetes weakens the immune system, making the fungus more likely.

The ENT doctor sees the number of cases increasing: “It is not a new topic for us. It was here before, but the increase in the number of cases is now exponential.”

There are already at least 11,000 cases in India. Corona patients are even more susceptible to the infection. They are given corticosteroids as medicine, which further weakens the immune system. Some patients contract the infection when they are still sick, others when they have already recovered from the corona.

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